• Fiction
    “Leave it to me” I said flooring it “I’m basically a traffic superhero”. I was bragging – it was a dark, rainy Monday and no one was around anyway.
  • What happens in Oamaru
    He said “Ask me about my wildest night out” I did and then “In Oamaru?” My voice rising slightly at the end.
  • The Whole Truth
    Dear Sophia: I thought he wanted the whole woman, but he was only after a piece. Love, Lilo
  • Crux
    She launched into unfaltering Hebrew. In New Plymouth. I was pretty gobsmacked.
  • Puff
    All he said was “This was scarier”
  • Hiccups
    I went driving tonight and picked up a really drunk guy in Courtney Place, ground zero for Wellington party culture.
  • The Loneliest Uber Driver
    I was shaking, but didn’t know why. He was an ideal rider and paid quite a lot of money for that ride. What was my problem?
  • Sunday morning
    He was blond, blue-eyed, bearded – about thirty maybe – in short, a Pakeha jeebus.
  • Kinder
    Jacinda tells us to “Be Kind” Tea Towels, T shirts, Bags, Facebook memes, Cinderella – all exhort us to “Be Kind”
  • Underpants
    My days without underpants are charting really, really well.
  • When Life hands you Niueans you’d best make Tikihi
    Mrs. Betty Tasmania’s Tikihi recipe:
  • The tap is always on
    It’s nuts to launch a website during a global pandemic.
  • Once you’re grown up you can’t come back.
    “Have fun storming the castle” I yelled, mixing fairy tales.
  • 12 Minutes
    If you are willing to listen you can learn a lot in 12 minutes.
  • Snip
    She is a sexy, blonde, badass West Aucklander and she wanted me to take her husband, who I hadn’t met, to the clinic.
  • A love song for Aotearoa
    Thank you for calling out to me Aotearoa.
  • Brigadoon
    Happy New Year Sophia
  • Toothy
    I laughed as they waved me through
  • The C word
    It was Crate Day, the New Zealand holiday – every year held on the first Saturday of December. Participants are encouraged to drink a whole crate of beer.
  • Some Character
    It was that time of night where you make most of your bad decisions and none of your best.
  • A Time Out
    “You must think I’m a nut” she said
  • A New York Troika
    “And what was your most memorable experience in New York?
  • Politipus
    She’s someone’s Nana, in New Zealand and I’m hearing American propaganda. It is very fucking disturbing.
  • Diva
    It was very hot, and a very busy day in UberLand