You can’t get there from here

Dear Sophia:

It happens pretty regularly, someone gets in the car, they are pretty inebriated and have put someplace into the Uber app as a destination that is not in New Zealand. It’s a drag because you have to get the real address out of the drunk person and into some other navigational thing. Rideshare apps are happy to take it, but they just can’t provide the navigation for it.

So this lady gets into the car. I swipe and apparently she wants to go to Spain. So I laugh and ask if she really wants to go Spain. She gets a little stressed about this “I tried to change that” she slurred. “Let me have a go” I said. It won’t let me change it either.

So I start speaking to her in Spanish and ask her if she’s been to Jerez before. She starts to get a bit more stressed. “I’m not going to get charged am I?” I replied “for a trip to Spain? No. There’s no clear navigation to Spain from New Zealand. Plus I would need to take some breaks.” I smiled at her. “You’ll be fine, no extras. Gracias and good night.”

She stumbled out of the car into her Spanish-style house. I laughed.