All I got is this photograph and I realise you’re not coming back anymore.*

Dear Sophia:

It’s not like I can’t hear people talking but it isn’t like I’m eavesdropping either. Most people’s stories are pretty mundane and a lot of married couples use their time in the car to catch up on their schedules. So I only listen with half an ear, just in case they address me directly.

One day though, I heard a story that made me laugh a lot after the riders got out. It still makes me laugh. There is no such thing as Uber driver omert√†: If you say it, I say it’s fair game.

Two young women get in the car – I think that they were at University. We’ll call one Kim and the other one Kelley. I also think they were high.

Kim: “So my mum never tells me not to do drugs – she tells me all about the drugs that she did in the 1980s.”

Kelley: “Oh yeah? Did she do a lot?”

Kim: “Oh yeah – she told me once that she did a lot of magic mushrooms. One time she was hanging out, high on mushrooms and then a pixie showed up and they had a long conversation. The conversation was so real that my mum took a picture of the pixie. She even showed me the picture, it was framed and hung on the wall.”

Kelley: “So? What did the pixie look like?”

Kim: “It’s a picture of an empty swing. There’s nothing else in it.”

I just can’t stop laughing.



*Thanks Ringo