unrecognizable ballerina touching door in darkness

Tiny Dancer

Dear Sophia:

It was early Saturday morning and when I stopped to pick up my ride she came out of the house carrying a bundle of clothing. Her face was soft and blurry, as if she had just woken up. A definite crease lined one side of her face vertically, as if she had slept face down on someone’s couch and the couch had raised trim or piping.

I greeted her softly – once she was in the car it was evident that she was suffering an almighty hangover. As we drove out to the West Auckland address, there was an occasional snuffle and it sounded like she fell asleep a few times. I gently woke her when we arrived.

Having suffered crippling hangovers before I did something I rarely do – offered to drive down her driveway. Often there is no way to turn around at the end of those long driveways and one must back all the way out. I hate that and it takes time. And we all know that time is money.

Still, I thought it was good karma to offer. “No” she said quietly, “I’m okay to walk” She gathered up her pile of things and got out of the car. I looked to the app to close out the trip and to see where my next rider was.

When I looked up again I was quite startled. Because my quiet little hangover patient was walking down her driveway. Somewhere in the bundle of clothing that she was carrying was the underskirt to the transparent tulle ballerina skirt that perfectly highlighted her perfectly round naked butt.