blurred shot of a city at night

A Time Out

Dear Sophia:

Woman gets into my car. Seems nice, professional, well-dressed: pearls. Clearly had wine with dinner, but not inebriated. A little small-talk and then I ask her “are you in the mood for some Uber Cara-oke?”

She said “why yes, I could do with a little Uber Cara-oke”


“I’ll let you pick”


I scroll through my list of Karaoke tunes. I select one,

“Let me know if you like this one”

It’s Summer Lovin’ from Grease.

“Oh, very good. Very good”

Proceeds to sing like a champion.

Her phone rings. Immediately turn off the music. She proceeds to give top quality legal advice to her friend in soothing, professional tones.

She finishes the call.


“Yes”, she said “You must think I’m a nut”

“No” I said “You’d be surprised”

“Abba…..oh wait no, trust me” I said

We cruise to her place on Livin’ on a Prayer

You gotta hold on to what you got.

Love, Lilo