cute fluffy puppy in home

That Empty Space

Dear Sophia:

His name was Ross and I picked him up from the North Shore. He was an older gentleman, and he’d been waiting quite some time for me.

He was good-natured about it and on his way to a Christmas party. We talked about this and that and COVID and all the things that have happened this year.

And then at one point he said to me “I lost my little dog last week.” I said,” Oh, I’m so sorry”. He said, “Yeah, I really- I really miss her. There’s nobody. Nobody like her.” His voice caught in his throat a little bit.

I said “No, there wouldn’t be” I said “That grief is real.”

He said, “Yeah. I’ve had a few drinks.” by way of explanation as he teared up a bit.
“I understand.” I said. “I don’t think I’ll replace her.” He said “there really is no one like her.”

“No, no, there isn’t. But if you change your mind, there are older dogs. You can have one of those.” I said.
He replied, “Yeah, I have thought about it.” “Maybe at this time of your life you don’t want to train up a new a new puppy? So what kind of dog was she?”

“A shi-tzu combo, just a little thing. She was such a good friend – you could take her everywhere and I did.” He went on to say “Before I even think about even getting another dog, I think I’ll have some time without because I was always making accommodations for the dog. And so I will have a little bit of freedom from that.”

“Yeah.” I said “Take your time when you’re ready.” He said. “Yep.”

He got out of the car, his face a little shiny, his gait, a tad unsteady.

I thought to myself “Universe, you know what to do”

That night I dreamed of puppies.

Love, Lilo