sliced pepperoni pizza in close up view

Some guys are just charming as hell

Dear Sophia:

This one fellow gets into the car early Sunday morning. Very flirty, very cute. Chatting me up, I imagine it was just for the sport of it. Just because he can. Let’s call him Sonny.

Sonny starts telling me about last night. Apparently, he and a bunch of mates had ordered a late-night pizza after drinking copious amounts of beer. So far, so normal. Just another Saturday night in Auckland.

Well, the pizza guy is really late and the guys were getting rowdier and rowdier, calling the pizza place to ask where he was. They were getting pretty ticked off.

When they called the manager guy again, he said “Hey look, we can’t get him on the phone – will you go and look for him?” So Sonny says “I’ll do it” He goes out and starts looking around the neighbourhood. Sees a guy, wearing the pizza place T shirt and asked him if he was okay because the guy was on the ground.

Sonny calls emergency services and tells them that he thinks the delivery guy is having a heart attack. And then the guy’s heart stops and he is suddenly unconscious. Sonny starts doing CPR until an ambulance gets there around 20 minutes later.

I said “That’s an incredible story” and Sonny said “yeah, it was – the pizza guy is okay though”

I pull up at the address and look in the mirror at Sonny with raised eyebrows. He smiled in a very cheeky way and said “Thanks for the ride” “Yep” I said “Have a nice day” laughing all the while.

Because on the gate where he was going there was a sign that said Hell’s Angels MC.