(image by F Oliver)

Lilo is an American-born, adopted Kiwi. She has lived in 8 countries and explored 69 countries to date. She holds an MBA in international marketing and e-commerce from the Helsinki School of Economics (now known as Aalto University) in Finland.
She has groomed plants for a fur fashion show, appeared at a trade show as support for an adult website, worked in the travel industry, an investment bank and a structural engineering firm. She worked for a time for a progressive political party in New Zealand. She’s given tours to newbies at a swinger’s club.
She’s worked in hospitality as a waitress, bartender and as hotel staff. She currently drives for Uber and Ola, writes and does freelance work. She has also spent time during the pandemic driving for film and television productions and supporting New Zealand’s Covid response working with the public on the phones.

After all this, her favourite pastime is still meeting other humans and witnessing their stories through interesting work.

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