woman wearing black and white stripe blouse

Fiction Writer

Dear Sophia:

She got into the car – blonde, bubbly and very cute. I had picked her up from one of the nicer hotels in the city. Probably in her forties, but hard to tell as she was immaculately groomed. We started chatting and she mentioned that she travelled a lot for business. She lived in a small NZ town. I knew the town and we talked about that for a minute.

“What’s your other gig?” she asked. “Ah well” I said “I have a few, but I also write and research stories, so I guess I’ll go with that”

“Ah” she said “That’s cool” We chatted more – some of the other places she’d been in the country, and whether she’d make her six thirty beauty appointment.

“Leave it to me” I said flooring it “I’m basically a traffic superhero”. I was bragging – it was a dark, rainy Monday and no one was around anyway.

She laughed.

I said “Wow! You get to travel so much, so much fun! What is you do for a living?”

She paused and then said “Actually I’m in Adult Entertainment. I do porn, I do escorting”

I turned around and laughed. “Really? That’s amazing! Good for you. That sounds like a fun job”

She paused another minute and then said “Normally I tell people that I’m writer and researcher, but because you told me first that you do that, I felt like I wouldn’t really be able to keep up a conversation about writing, so I told you the truth.”

I laughed and then said “It would only be funnier if I told you that I’m an adult entertainer and tell people I’m a writer.” I looked in the rear view quite seriously and then burst out laughing.

She looked carefully at me and then said “You should think about it”

“Oh” I said “Believe me, I have”

We both laughed and off she went to groom. I went off to eat a turkey sandwich and scribble.