A New York Troika

Dear Sophia:

A very handsome guy with with tan skin and very white teeth gets into the front seat of my car and we’re chitchatting. He chooses from the Spotify list: ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ by Stevie Wonder.

“You have an ecksent” he says. “Nah mate you have an eckscent” I say. He laughs and asks where I am from. “Boston and moved here from New York” I say.

“Ahhhh New York”, he says.

“Oh, you’ve been?” I asked

“Oh yes”

“And what was your most memorable experience in New York?”

He gives me a gauging look and decides to spill “Well, my wife and I had our first threesome there”

My neck almost broke from whipping around to make eye contact and I barked out a giggle gasp as he says “and our second, third and fourth” grinning very broadly. Uncharacteristically, I blush.

I collapsed into giggles and said “Dude most people tell me the Statue of Liberty, the Guggenheim or the Empire State Building”

He laughed and gave me the cheekiest smile on his way out, and said “See you around”