calm ethnic female standing on stairs in city

A Tinder Date

Dear Sophia:

I picked up a nice fellow today from the Sylvia Park dining lane. He got in the car, and we started chatting. It was about a fifteen-minute ride to the destination. We rode for a few minutes and exchanged pleasantries. He’s a graphic designer. He asked me what I do and I answered “Oh you know this and that. I also write stories about my Uber rides and post them on my website.”

He laughed and said “Are you going to write about me?”

“Do you have a story for me? I laughed.

He thought for a minute and said “I’ve got a story for you. Right now I’m on a Tinder date”

I was a bit startled “with me?”

“No” he laughed again, “with this girl I’ve been talking with on Tinder. I took the train out to Sylvia Park and she was supposed to meet me. Her car broke down and so now I’m going to her house”

I thought this was a determined guy. A lot of guys would have turned around and gone home, like maybe the girl was trying to cancel. He asked me if I would wait and take them back to Sylvia Park together.

“Of course” I said “but we should set everything up nice for her. What kind of music does she like?” I surreptitiously sprayed a little of my secret awesome car oil.

“Lilo” he said “I know more about you at this point than I do her”

“Hmmm, okay I’ll set up some music”

We get to the house and there’s a barefoot girl with an older fellow peering under the bonnet of a car. I pretend that I’m busy doing something important but secretly watch as my rider strolls across the lawn confidently, tall and purposeful. The lovely young woman lights up and they chat for a bit. The older fellow is scowling at whatever is happening with the engine.

I wait patiently. On the clock. She’s not dressed. He’s not hungry for food. And that car is not going anywhere.

A few minutes later he comes over to the car and lets me know this. I smile and say “she’s adorable, good luck”.

I end the trip and drive away. A second later my phone pings. I look at the app:

Tinderfella has left me a nice tip.