man in button up shirt


Dear Sophia:

She was in her early 20’s and it was zero-dark thirty when I picked her up. On her way to work, running a bit late, needing a little of that T2 or T3 commuter lane rush-hour magic. We were chitchatting and I asked her what she does for work. She said self-deprecatingly “Oh, I’m just an Administrative Assistant”.

I paused and then said “Stop” maybe a bit too harshly.

She looked startled. “What?”

I said “Stop. There are people in life who will be utterly happy to put you down. Belittle your work. Tell you that you are not important in the scheme of things. They don’t do this to help you. Will you do me one favour please?”

She looked thoughtful “What’s that?”

“Don’t do their work for them. You are important, the work you do is important no matter where you are in your career or life” I said.

She smiled. A few minutes later we arrived. She thanked me and then she got out of the car.