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A Tinder Date

Dear Sophia: I picked up a nice fellow today from the Sylvia Park dining lane. He got in the car, and we started chatting. It was about a fifteen-minute ride to the destination. We rode for a few minutes and exchanged pleasantries. He’s a graphic designer. He asked me what I do and I answered …

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The Whole Truth

Dear Sophia: I thought he wanted the whole woman, but he was only after a piece. Love, Lilo

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Just down the street

They were a little bit over the line towards elderly and had clearly had a good day out.

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She launched into unfaltering Hebrew. In New Plymouth. I was pretty gobsmacked.

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All he said was “This was scarier”


I went driving tonight and picked up a really drunk guy in Courtney Place, ground zero for Wellington party culture.

cropland duiring night time

You Cannot be Sirius.

I went out driving tonight and to say that it’s been surreal is somewhat of an understatement. Lots of people out and about and the area is huge, so some long rides, some short rides and a lot of bogan types high-beamin’ me to go faster.

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The Loneliest Uber Driver

I was shaking, but didn’t know why. He was an ideal rider and paid quite a lot of money for that ride. What was my problem?

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Home Slice

So I was delighted on one Sunday morning,early afternoon when I picked up a lovely, very chilled out looking woman with the most gorgeous shades of blue in her hair.

Pandemic Flight

She has the most interesting story. And I said,”Tell me?”