Lisa Long – assorted work

If I have one superpower it is bringing people together and setting the stage for them to do their best work.

When you empower people who love their work, their work is magnificent

In New York, I had a professional ‘semester’ at Cox Advertising, learning about the agency side and how to craft effective copy. My copywriting experience has grown considerably in New Zealand, to include professional services marketing – learning how to develop clear writing that deals with technically complicated material. It also includes writing for a specialised market at Ulti Group Ltd.  Political/Media communications was a whole new ball game at The Opportunities Party (TOP).

Now, if I am not writing for my own website, I spend time working with small and medium organisations uncovering their core message and getting it out to the world via efficient technology.

Holmes Consulting Group

In 2009, we started re-developing the website which was more than fifteen years old. In internet years, that is a century.
Working with Webweaver in Wellington, we went with a structural website, based on Fibonacci numbers. The CMS was Silverstripe. The sliding panels on the landing page were unusual for the time. The website launched in 2010 on time and on budget.

The promotion for our clients had them clicking all over the website for the “secret page” which meant they got an entry into prize draw. iPads has just been released and we imported two from our San Francisco office. With painful irony, the website did not fully work on the newly released iPad. A quick fix was deployed.        

One thing that I enjoyed doing is getting some of the work material from an engineer and turning in into something that we could use for marketing and for our clients to use for public relations. To do our animations, we discovered the work of Cadabra. These clips proved invaluable, especially for large public projects:

Transmission Gully
Wellington Town Hall

Recruiting in the Engineering and Drafting space is incredibly competitive. Holmes wanted to highlight the advantages of working at the company. To that end we made: A video for drafters, which was relaxed and fun, reflecting the team ideals. The quality and tenor of the video was a departure for this type of recruiting video. For years after its release, new arrivals would still call the drafters by their video nicknames. We also did a book that we refreshed every two years with a different cover and new information. We called it KNOW, in keeping with some of our other materials.

We also did a leave-behind piece called ABOUT. We did this in several versions over time.


Rescuing a political party from the scrap heap of history is no easy task. It took dedicated volunteers to reboot the systems, both human and technological.

It was thrilling to be part of it.

My work consisted of public relations/press secretary work as well as assisting in campaign fundraising letters and maintaining the social media presence.

Guest appearance on Sunday Magazine “Gig Economy”

I wrote a blog post to go with it

Memorable press releases:

Horizon State and The Opportunities Party use blockchain for the leadership voting in a world first.

The Opportunities Party – Gene Editing Policy

0800 Jacinda – What Happened Next

I project-managed the Leadership Debate and coordinated with the tech team for the Live stream. Expert at managing expectations, the tag has Mistress written on it.


Working with an international airline and a supporting inbound tourism business with links all over the Nordic countries, Eastern Europe and Russia involves a lot of communication.

Working through an international branding exercise whilst changing tour reservation computer systems and bringing our 12 international offices closer together organisationally. Oh, and we moved our offices 6 floors on the go-live weekend for all three.

Working together and ensuring everyone had what they needed to execute our plan was the key here.


Ulti Group has strong company values and one way to show that was through a visual representation that combined the colours from a recently completed re-brand married with the elements of their mission statement.

Typical writing sample here:

We launched HubSpot and subsequently I purchased and implemented the marketing module.